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Seismic Retrofits for Soft-story buildings and homes.

There are no building codes for seismic retrofitting on existing structures. There is a general guideline that most contractors should follow. Attached are some of the guidelines and details. However, This post is intended to help clients of Elodat Construction to understand their retrofit proposals and work to be performed.

IT IS NOT INTENDED AS A GUIDE FOR A "DIY" RETROFITS. Retrofit design is based on many factors. Each house is unique. Elodat Construction does not recommend performing a retrofit without the guidance and supervision of experienced and knowledgeable retrofit professionals, and is not responsible for costly errors, injuries, or earthquake damage that result from such attempts.

Elodat Construction assumes no responsibility or liability for use by homeowners, contractors, engineers, or anyone else of the information provided on this site.

Appendix chapter 3A. IBC

Los Angeles Building and safety department

Simpson Strong Tie

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